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  • Recyled, Repurposed + Redefined

    Category: Galleries

    “With a longstanding appreciation for the abandoned and obscure, Kathleen McSherry’s approach to sculpture can be described as archaeological. Her work references multiple strata of American culture, refusing to be tethered to a singular aesthetic. Her choice of composition and media are benefited through their familiarity, giving the chimeric aspects Read more [...]

  • Engraver.com

    Specialized tools, equipment and classes for hand engravers, stone setters and jewelers.  We sell and support a full line of tools including: jewelers’ benches, microscopes, gravers, beading tools, pneumatic engraving equipment, vises, ring fixtures, abrasives and a whole lot more.  Tool lines include: Leica, Syenset, EnSet, Vallorbe, Foredom and RinGenie. Read more [...]

  • 2017 Small Works Showcase

    Category: Artists

    2017 Small Works Showcase Countryside Gallery & Custom Frame Design welcomes you to our second annual Small Works Showcase.20 resident artists & 15 guest artist will display for your viewing original works of art in the mediums of oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, gauche, photography, artisan glass, woodworking, fine jewelry, textile, Read more [...]

  • Exhibit B Gallery

    Category: Galleries

    Gallery of art and fine craft in a lovingly restored former 1901 cigar factory. Also space available to host your meeting, private event, or weekday small biz appointments.  New work and opening receptions every 3rd Friday.

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