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  • Chocheli School of Fine Arts

    Category: Classes and Artists

    Study art in a master artist’s studio. Learn the styles, techniques, and philosophy of Fine Art as taught by five centuries of Great Masters. Established in 1958 by Robert Chocheli, the Chocheli School is based on the principles and practices of the Western Academies of Art. In 1995, Niko Chocheli, Read more [...]

  • Frank Arcuri Studio & Atelier

    Category: Classes and Artists

    Frank welcomes serious beginners, as well as advanced students, to explore with him the fundamental techniques of representational painting, focusing on the time honored genre of still-life; with an emphasis on composition and color harmony. Learn how to create the illusion of light, shadow, atmosphere, form, and texture with oil. Frank Read more [...]

  • Susan Ketcham, P.S.A.

    Category: Artists

    I want to paint beautiful things. I want my paintings to remind you that beauty often resides in the tiniest corners and in the simplest of circumstances. I want you to experience a moment of wonder that so simple an object as a pudding cup, a bird’s nest, a rusty Read more [...]

  • Becky Reilly

    Category: Classes and Artists

    I love painting still lifes because I feel each painting is a story and shows a little of my personality. I like forms to look dimensional and acheive this by painting the light on the objects and really pushing the darks. This is a traditional old world style of painting. Read more [...]

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