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  • June Fisher Jones

    Category: Artists

    June Fisher Jones is an artist who works in a large variety of media. Her artwork directly relates to her surrounding environment, in a beautiful and imaginative way. She manipulates our senses, taking away what is factual, and showing what is our true imagination. Currently she lives and works in Read more [...]

  • Joshua Woodroffe – Photographer

    Category: Artists

    Born and raised in Bedminster, PA, Joshua Woodroffe grew up adventuring throughout the forests and landscapes of Bucks County he now explores for photographic opportunities. Many of his photographs relate to the nature-made landscapes and man-made structures that define Bucks County visually. Additionally, he also focuses on macro subjects and abstracted elements, capturing visuals Read more [...]

  • Dyan Law

    Category: Artists

    Dyan Law has held a lifelong interest in visual art.  One morning at age five, she gazed up at endless blank white walls and decided they would make fine murals; colors were selected from a box of brand new crayons for her special palette. A few hours later, she proudly Read more [...]

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