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  • East Coast 3D

    Custom Digital sculpting of portraits, busts, full figures and the reaches of your imagination. By Micah Myerov Providing 3d modeling for prototypes and private commissions. I also provide 3d printing of the prototypes as well as molding and resin casting for small runs. My Painted Resin Casts available for purchase in Read more [...]

  • Engraver.com

    Specialized tools, equipment and classes for hand engravers, stone setters and jewelers.  We sell and support a full line of tools including: jewelers’ benches, microscopes, gravers, beading tools, pneumatic engraving equipment, vises, ring fixtures, abrasives and a whole lot more.  Tool lines include: Leica, Syenset, EnSet, Vallorbe, Foredom and RinGenie. Read more [...]

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