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  • Art Center at Ambler

    The purpose of the Art Center at Ambler is to encourage and stimulate the education, practice and appreciation of the arts among seniors, mature adults, young adults and teens. Our vision is one of facilitator and presenter of all forms of visual art as well as being a part of the Ambler Read more [...]

  • North Penn Arts Alliance

    Mission Statement: The North Penn Arts Alliance (NPAA) offers artists and art enthusiasts’ opportunities to create, learn, network, and grow in a supportive environment. Purpose: The North Penn Arts Alliance takes pride in providing an outlet for preserving and promoting artistic growth and culture in our community. Means: This is Read more [...]

  • Artsbridge

    Artsbridge is an energetic group of painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, actors, musicians and filmmakers, gathering together on a volunteer basis to: Provide a better public understanding of the arts in all the creative disciplines. Make the arts available to all segments of the community through education, exhibition and performance. Nurture Read more [...]

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