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  • Schang-Hai Gallerie

    Category: Galleries

    Schang-Hai Gallerie 4136 Creamery Rd, Creamery, PA 19430 610.454.0504 Established in 1993. Full framing, restoration & Art Gallery. Formed the SBAC (Schang-Bruno Artist Collective) in 2015 and have sold art every month.  

  • Gathering Art Gallery & Boutique

    Category: Galleries

    GATHERING ART GALLERY & BOUTIQUE draws together a coalition of local artists to exhibit and sell artworks, original designs, and photography. It is a cooperative enterprise, expenses and administration are shared. Members seek to actively participate in the arts, culture and commerce of Doylestown, county seat of historic Bucks County. Read more [...]

  • Doylestown Health ArtWalk

    Category: Galleries

    On a functional level, the ArtWalk is simply a passageway that connects Doylestown Hospital’s new Parking Garage to the main hospital building. But in reality, it is so much more! Visitors and patients who enter the ArtWalk will be transported to a world of color, light and texture as they Read more [...]

  • Art of Kalenga

    Category: Galleries and Artists

    I’m a 70’s kid to the core. Afros, leisure suits, and disco music….it was the best of times. I always loved comic books growing up, but never had the artistic talent to draw from my imagination, so I would try to replicate different characters on my own. My drawings weren’t bad, Read more [...]

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