1. From the navigation menu, select ‘Add Listing’.
  2. Sign In or Sign Up. If you are already logged in, skip this step.
    • After logging in, you will be redirected to the ‘Add a Listing’ form.
    • Be sure to save your username and password so you may update your listing at any time.
  3. Enter a Listing Title.
    • This is your business name, professional name or personal name. How do you present yourself?
  4. Enter a Listing Description.
    • Describe yourself or your business. What services do you provide or what kind of art do you create?
    • Feel free to add links to other information.
  5. Select Category
    • Click into the ‘Select Category’ field select from the list.
    • You may only select one category. But, if you are an artist and an instructor you may create a listing for each category.
  6. Enter an Address
    • Begin typing and address and it will begin to auto-fill.
    • If you prefer to not use a street address, type only the town or county name. For example, type Doylestown or Bucks County.
  7. Enter Phone & Email Address
    • Optional, but recommended to enter at least one. Otherwise, how will people reach you?
  8. Enter Times
    • Optional. This is more for listings with set open times. Either open times that people can contact you, or your business hours. Or just leave it blank if it doesn’t pertain to you.
  9. Enter Website, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram URLs.
    • Important! For these fields, the full exact URL (website address) including http:// is required. For example: https://www.facebook.com/yourpage or http://www.yourwebsite.com.
    • It’s easiest to visit that page and copy and paste the URL from the browser’s address bar.
    • Optional. Leave blank if not applicable.
  10. Enter Special Message or Offer
    • This displays next to your profile and can be any type of call out.
    • Examples: “Classes starting soon!”
  11. Add photos
    • You can either drag and drop images or use the Select Files button to navigate to a file. (It may be easiest to have your images ready on your desktop to be drag and dropped.)
    • Once you images are uploaded, you can drag them to reorder.
    • There is no limit of quantity of photos.
  12. Click the ‘Review Your Listing’ button and you’ll be taken to a review page.
  13. After reviewing your listing, click the “Publish” button at the top right of the page.
  14. You are set to go!


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