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Listings by: Deborah Eater

  • Creative Collage

    Collage is a versatile medium for artistic expression and a lens for learning more about art in general. “Creative Collage” explores a variety of topics such as: altered images, Dada, Fauvism, monochromatic color schemes, multiples and repeats, painterly collage, Surrealism, text as a visual element, and texture on the flat Read more [...]

  • Centre for the Arts

    Category: Art Galleries

    Our mission at the Centre for the Arts is to promote local and regional artistic talent while inspiring and educating our community and visitors. Located in the heart of Bristol’s business district at 308 Mill Street, the Centre for the Arts is a vibrant and unique art gallery for regional Read more [...]

  • Deborah Eater – Painterly Collage

    Category: Artists

    Deborah Eater creates nuanced collages with magazine and catalog images cut into hundreds of tiny pieces. She uses each piece of paper as an individual brushstroke to create both abstract and realistic “paintings” out of paper.  A typical 12″ x 16″ work uses over 2000 individual pieces of paper and takes three weeks to create. Read more [...]

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