To add an Event to the Bucks County Art Directory, follow the instructions below:
1. Begin a New Event Listing

– Click on ‘Add Event’ in the main navigation menu.

Add Event Link Example

• Not logged in? A screen to Sign In or Sign Up Now will appear.

– Already have an account? Sign in and you will be redirected to the Claim Listing form. Go to step 2.

– Don’t have an account? Fill out the Sign Up Now form and follow the instructions to create your account. You will be redirected to the Claim Listing Form. Go to step 2.

• Already logged in? Skip to step 2.

2. Fill Out the Event Form

– After completing step one, you should now find yourself on event form.

  1. Event Start Date & Event End Date: Select start and end dates.
    1. If the event recurs at intervals, it is recommended to create multiple events listings. In other words, if you event is only on weekends (but not weekdays) for 4 weeks, create 4 separate listings.
  2. All Day: If your event is all day (24 hours), check the box next to “All Day”.
  3. Event Time: If your event has a start and end time, select your times.
  4. Business Owner/Associate?: Select ‘Yes’ next to ‘Business Owner/Associate?’ if you’d like to make it so no one else can claim control of the event listing. Select ‘No’ if you do not with to secure autonomous control over the event.
    1. You may find selecting ‘No’ handy if you are listing the event for a friend or an organization that may later wish to control the event listing on their own.
  5. Event Title: Enter a title for your event.
  6. Event Description: Enter a description for your event. Here you may enter links to other web pages. You will have the opportunity to add images later.
  7. Address: Begin typing the address of the location of you event and it will likely begin filling itself in. If not, manually enter the info.
  8. Phone, 
  9. Website: Enter if applicable. Full URL must be entered. IE: It’s usually easiest to copy/paste the URL.
  10. Social Media Links: Enter if applicable. Full URL must be entered. IE: It’s usually easiest to copy/paste the URL.
  11. Type: Select a type that fits your event.

Move on to step 3.

3. Upload the Event Images

Be sure to include some type of image that represents your event. This can be your exhibit card, an image of artwork, images from previous events or anything you’d like. Upload one or multiple images.

Use the ‘Select Files’ button to navigate to your images on your computer or ‘Drag and Drop’ them from your computer into the area specified.

After you have uploaded your images, you can drag them around to reorder them or click the ‘X’ to delete them.

The spot to add your art event images.

4. Publish Your Event
  1. Click the ‘Review Your Listing’ button.

Review your art event listing

2. After reviewing your listing, be sure to click the big “Publish” button! If you do not, you’re listing will not publish. 

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