The Bucks County Art Directory is a free resource for the art community in Bucks County, PA and the surrounding areas. (Loosely Bucks County plus 20 miles.) The need for such an art directory was realized due to the many people who visit our store (Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing) and inquire about how to find local artists, art shows and art instruction. The directory is user generated and open to all. Moderation is done by the staff of Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing and the web design team at pixelMIGHT in Doylestown, PA.

The intent of the directory is to provide a comprehensive resource for:

  • artists who wish to have a listing and portfolio.
  • artists to list their exhibits and find call for entries
  • art appreciators who wish to find artists and art exhibits
  • groups and guilds to list their organizations, events and call for entries
  • most other things art related to assist artists and art appreciators

The success and completeness of this art directoy depends on YOU, the Bucks County artist. Feel free to reach out to the staff of Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing or pixelMIGHT if you need assistance.

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